Partnering with Entrepreneurs to Unlock Value

About Us
We are a team of entrepreneurs and investors with success investing in, operating, and growing private companies. Our mission is to acquire and operate one exceptional business, supporting its growth and development, while creating extraordinary value for business owners, customers, employees, and shareholders.
Long Term Focus
Great companies last beyond their founders. We focus on preserving your legacy through long-term and sustainable growth.
Employee Focus
We appreciate the strong relationships that exist between a business leader and their employees. We believe that employees are a company’s most valued asset, and that maintaining strong relationships with existing management teams is critical for long-term success.
Investment Capital
We are backed by private investors with sufficient available capital to provide sellers with liquidity at closing. Our team has capital ready to invest in the right opportunity and is committed to closing the transaction as quickly as possible, generally within 60 to 90 days.
Quality Management
West End Capital Partners' operating team brings management and financial experience along with sound, tested leadership skills. The management team will be actively running the business’s day-to-day operations and has a vested interest in the company’s success.
Flexible Structure
We work in partnership with sellers to structure transactions that best meet the seller’s ambitions, lifestyle and estate planning needs. We are open to owners retaining an ongoing equity stake and continuing their involvement with the company.​​
High Standards
We conduct all transactions with an intense focus on integrity, professionalism and confidentiality. We understand the concerns of privately-held and family-owned business owners. Our management team will ensure the owner experiences a smooth transition and leaves the transaction satisfied with all aspects of the deal.
Our Team
We are an experienced and dedicated team of successful entrepreneurs and investors.  
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Founder and Managing Partner
Dan Graves
Dan is an experienced investor and operator. He spent the last eight years evaluating and investing over $5.0 billion in middle-market private equity acquisitions. He has also managed small business operations, analyzed distribution and logistics operations, and managed client relationships for Fortune 500 corporations.
He began his career with an entrepreneurial endeavor when, after college, he agreed to acquire a commercial construction business from a family friend after he spent a few years learning the business. In this role, he sourced new business, managed back office functions, led construction crews on job sites across the U.S., and even became a certified welder.

One winter, while at a job site, Mr. Graves was on top of a three-story structure when he accidentally stepped on a patch of ice, slipped, fell off the structure, and landed on the concrete slab thirty-five feet below. The impact shattered his ankle, heel, and wrist and and he spent the next three months in a hospital bed while enduring multiple surgeries to repair his complex fractures. His time in the hospital bed was followed by a year of physical and occupational rehabilitation. Dan later learned that the death rate for a fall from that height is 80%. The circumstances surrounding his fall gave him a new appreciation for life and taught him invaluable life-lessons regarding the value of hard-work, overcoming adversity, perseverance, persistence, integrity, empathy, confidence, and humility. After Dan recovered from his injuries, he left the construction business and worked as a sales rep for a couple years before deciding to pursue his MBA at Vanderbilt University. 
After graduating from Vanderbilt, Mr. Graves became a financial analyst for Gap, Inc. From there he shifted to corporate finance and for the last eight years, he has been evaluating and investing over $5.0 billion in middle-market private equity acquisitions for large financial institutions.
Institutional Investors
Archipelago Ventures
Individual Investors
Bill Egan
Richard Kennedy
Ned Tomasevic
Costanza Family
Investment Criteria
Our strategy is to acquire a stable, established company with a history of steady growth and predictable cash flows. 
Business Criteria 
  • Owner seeking an exit or reduced role in business

  • Strong middle-management team

  • Straightforward operations

  • Distinct value-added service or product offering

  • Diverse customer base

  • Positive and steady cash flow

Industry Criteria 
  • Service based industry

  • Sustainable, defensive market position

  • Fragmented competitive landscape with no clear, dominant player

  • Total potential market > $1B

  • Above average industry growth

Financial Criteria
  • Greater than $5 million of annual revenue

  • Greater than $1 million of predictable annual cash flow

  • 3+ year history of profitability

  • 15%+ EBITDA margins

  • Low capex and working capital requirements

  • High-level of recurring revenue preferred